Introduction: Solar Power Bank Using Old Laptop Batteries

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share how to make a Solar Power Bank using a Kit and old Laptop batteries

This kit was bought from Aliexpress. The power bank has a led panel that can be used for camping. so good builtin power bank and light combination

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • Solar Power bank kit from Aliexpress ( )
  • Old Laptop Battery
  • Multi meter
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wires

Step 2: Extract Batteries

I have extracted my batteries from old laptop battery

  • Gently break open the outer shell
  • Carefully disconnect batteries from circuit and each other
  • Test battery voltage, it should be above 3v

I have used batteries that were around 2.5 v and yet worked fine

Step 3: Battery Pack

  • To make the battery pack we need 4 cells connected in parallel
  • Remember to use thick copper wire
  • Do not overheat the batteries while soldering, take breaks if needs

Step 4: Assembly

  • On the main PCB, we have following, clearly marked
    • Battery ( B+ and B-)
    • Solar+ and Solar -
    • Led+ and LED-
  • This makes is extremely simple.
  • Just solder the respective wires on the PCB
  • You may have to secure panels and batteries using tape or hot glue
  • Always before closing, test every thing

Step 5: Close It Up

  • The outer case needs to be secured with extremely tiny screws..
  • Once done, charge the power bank full and then using USB doctor to test the actual capacity
  • Solar Panel, does not really do much
  • The LED panel is good for camping or emergencies