Solar Powered Helmet Led Light

Introduction: Solar Powered Helmet Led Light

About: Halbi Hamza, web engineer and developper and interested in green power and renewable energies! contact me at :

i maked a solar charged helmet light, by using just an available components at HOME!
this can be used on any type of helmets, for hunting or fishing or in survival scenarios, etc...

from Morocco <3

Step 1: Collecting Components (or Buy It)

this is the important step, the components are very available today in kids toys and garden light lamps.
you can buy it online on Aliexpress or Banggood or Ebay, it's very Cheap!

List of components :

  • mini (5V-6V) solar panel
  • 3.7v (li-ion) battery
  • 3.7v solar charge circuit for li-ion batteries
  • 3.7v led light
  • mini cables
  • solder iron kit
  • Hot glue gun
  • head mount for GoPro
  • any Helmet

Notes :
- i recovered the battery from an old smart watch
- i recovered the mini solar panel from an garden light lamp
- i bought the charging circuit from ebay
- the cables are very available in home

Step 2: Inserting the Components

this step it's just for glueing the components to the head strap of GoPro by using a hot glue gun, and letting the wiring at the final step.
As shown on the image the Solar panel are mounted to the Helmet, and the other components on the head strap of GoPro.

Step 3: Wiring the Components

the wiring is very simple! if you have a previous skills in "solar PV" this will be an easy step.
As shown in image the middle component (Charging circuit) takes the electricity generated from the Solar PV and store it into the battery to use it on demand!
the cables should be in black (-) and red (+) to prevent any reverse wiring or short circuiting!
this is just for safety.

you can add an optional component :


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