Introduction: Solder Gpio Headers to a Raspberry Pi Zero With a Breadboard

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Step 1: Intro

Video Transcript:

Hey Thrifty Nation! I’m going to show you how to solder gpio pins to your raspberry pi with a breadboard! and to prove that this method works well, Instead of using a 2x20 pin header I will use two single strips and have them turn out straight I started by inserting the two strips next to each other in a breadboard, you will want them slightly raised like this to account for the hdmi connector on the raspberry pi zero then start by soldering the 4 corner pins to tack it in place, then proceed to go down the line.

This is kind of boring so I will cut ahead to the finished product.

Step 2: Outro

Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video, I just wanted to let you know I started up over at Patreon and if you like these videos, a dollar or two per month will really help me create more videos and get better gear.

Looking for more? if you want a soldering iron like mine If you are looking for a breadboard w/jumper wires

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