Introduction: Emergency Hidden Solder Iron (for Candles)

Its highly conceilable fast and usefull. Made easy. Ready in 15 sec.


Solder iron made easy from 3 parts:
1. Copper 5 cm long
2. Antena from old radio
3. Handle from steel wire.
For operations you will need:
1 candle
2 aspirin pill
3 lighter

Step 1: Solder Iron Assembled

All three parts when assembled.

Put copper wire inside antena pipe with same diameter. I grinded it a little to be able to fit inside. At the other end put steel wire with same diameter.

Step 2: How to Use

Use it with candle.
Put the flame only to copper.
Clean copper part for best effect.
I use it for years, becouse of easy conceilability and travel sizes.
It works great, heats fast - in about 15 sec.
Its usable with other sources of flame like alcohol.
I have made upgrade to electric for stationary use - just one old fuse(ceramic) and heater wire (cantal) from old water heater. Only 24 volts, becouse of open wires.
On last picture - hidden inside pen.