Soldering D2-5 Tracking Smart Car Kits

Introduction: Soldering D2-5 Tracking Smart Car Kits

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Here ICStation team shows your how to make a smart tracking car robot. Aim to teach and share people the fun with robot and soldering practice, icstation offers many smart robot cars for your choice.

Working ways

There is a 16 mm wide black runway in the white field, and our tracking car can drive along the black runway automatically. No matter how the runway is bent, the car can search the way automatically. Here we use Red LED as the light source. The light is reflected through the ground to the photoresistor. By detecting the value change of resistance from the photosensitive resistor can judge whether the car is driving in the white area. when detecting the black runway, track car will change the direction and the motor at this side will slow down or even stop and Green LED OFF on PCB front side. Then the car will go in the opposite direction to make sure that it is always running along the runway.

Step 1: Overview About This Track Car Kits

1>. Model: D2-5
2>. Name: D2-5 Intelligent Tracking Car DIY Kit

3>. PCB Size: 104*72*1.6mm

4>.Installation dimension: 104*72*55mm

5>. Work Voltage: 3V

Step 2: Component Listing and Description

1>.1pcs LM393 DIP-8

2>.1pcs IC Socket DIP-8

3>.2pcs 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor

4>.2pcs 10K Potentiometer

5>.4pcs 51ohm Metal Film Resistance

6>.2pcs 1K Metal Film Resistance

7>.2pcs 10ohm Metal Film Resistance

8>.2pcs Photoresistor

9>.2pcs 5mm Red LED

10>.2pcs 5mm White LED

11>.2pcs TO-92 S8550

12>.1pcs 6*6 Self-Locking switch

13>.2pcs DC Motor

14>.2pcs Wheel

15>.2pcs Tires

16>.2pcs Axle

17>.6pcs Gasket(Non-essential)

18>.4pcs Three-way sleeve

19>.2pcs Gear

20>.2pcs Worm

21>.4pcs Screw

22>.4pcs Motor Screw(Black)

23>.1pcs Mecanum wheels Screw

24>.1pcs Mecanum wheels Nut

25>.1pcs Mecanum wheels Screw Cap

26>.4pcs 6mm Cable

27>.1pcs AA*2 Battery Case(Not shown in the picture)

28>.1pcs PCB

Step 3: Installation Steps_Install Circuit

1.1 Install metal film resistor,DIP-8P IC socket,Self-Locking switch,Potentiometer,S8550,Electrolytic capacitor,5mm Red LED on PCB according to mark on PCB.
1.1.1 Pay attention to the direction of IC Socket.

1.1.2 In addition to facilitate debugging, don’t install IC LM393 temporarily .

1.2 Install Mecanum wheel
1.2.1 PCB placed in front.The support bolts of the caster are inserted into the hole, tighten the nuts screwed into the caster, and finally fit the caster and tighten.

1.3 Install photoresistor and white LED on PCB reverse.But please make sure the distance is about 5mm between top of mecanum wheel(top of screw cap top) and photoresistor/LED.

1.4 Install battery case.

1.5 Test.

1.5.1 Install 2pcs AA battery.
1.5.2 Press on switch. If 2pcs white LED ON,the installation is successful.If LED off,please check the welding.Pay attention to the direction of LED and other component and check pseudo Soldering.

Step 4: Installation Steps_Install Mechanical Parts

2.1 Install the four gaskets on the circuit board.
The role of the gasket is to increase the gap between the axle and the circuit board, so that the gear mounted on the shaft has enough rotation space.

First insert a M2.2 * 8 screw from the front of the board into the mounting hole, place a gasket from the back of the circuit board on the screw.

Clamp the gasket with a small pliers, turn the screw with a small screwdriver until the gasket is close to the circuit board at last.

2.2 Insert a steel shaft from the center hole of the wheel and note that the direction is inserted from one side of the raised sleeve of the wheel. It is better to insert the steel shaft parallel to the smooth side of the wheel.
2.3 Put a three-way sleeve into the steel shaft, close to the wheel, and then a gasket into the steel shaft, close to the three-way sleeve, installed in place, toggle three-way sleeve, should be flexible. Otherwise appropriate to increase the gap between them.Install tires.

2.4 Place a gear into the steel shaft in the center of the steel shaft.

2.5 Put a three-axis sleeve into the end of the steel shaft so that the car side of the wheel assembly to complete.

Holding the wheel by hand, keep the steel shaft level, adjust the position of the three-way sleeve on the end of the steel shaft. The gears on the steel shaft should fall into the gear slot, otherwise the gear position should be adjusted until it meets the requirements.

Finally, the two shafts on the steel shaft are fitted into the screw projections of the fixed washers and tightened with a small screwdriver so that the wheel assembly is installed. Install the other side of the wheel assembly in the same way.

2.6 Install Motor
Insert a worm into the motor shaft,Then thought worm from the front of the circuit board to others.Use two small screws to hold the motor.Pay attention to the direction of motor. Contact motor and PCB by cable. It can reversed the wire of motor if motor move on the contrary when power on.

Step 5: Completed Soldering and Test the Car

3.1 Power on.Check S8550 or 10ohm resistor if motor don’t move.
3.2 Install LM393(Pay attention to the direction of IC).

Step 6: You Get a Lovely Smart Track Car for Kids Toy Gift!!!

Now we have finished all the soldering steps, and get this lovely smart track car!!! You can send it as gift to your children, friends and competition projects. This funny kits is easy to DIY, and perfect for the electronic starter leaning and soldering. Wholesale price can be offered for bulk orders. Find it on ICStation and start your smart robot steps now.

Are you ready?

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    1 year ago

    I built this car to sample it for my class. Once completed the motors run but the sensors do not detect the black line.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Sometimes we also faced the same problem. You can try to adjust the 2 white leds on the back of PCB, or the Potentiometers.


    Question 2 years ago

    HI, My son is working on this project D@-5 smart tracking Car. After finishing only one wheel moves. We have checked and rechecked all the connections but can't see anything loose. Could the motor be bad? any assistance would be appreciated.


    2 years ago on Step 3

    HI, My son is working on this project D@-5 smart tracking Car. After finishing only one wheel moves. We have checked and rechecked all the connections but can't see anything loose. Could the motor be bad? any assistance would be appreciated.

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