Introduction: Solid Wood Adirondack Chairs

This weekend I decided to build a set of Adirondack chairs for a friend of mine.  I had modeled up an Adirondack chair a few months ago in Inventor and saw this as the perfect time to turn them into reality.

First collect all the materials and tools needed. See Below:

-QTY 4 --- 8 foot 2 x 6's
-QTY 4 --- 8 foot 1x 3's

- Box of screws

-1 Can of Spray on Primer
-2 Cans of your more preferred Brand and Color of Spray Paint

-Cordless Drill/Driver
-Circular Saw or Jig Saw

Print out the attached PDF's for the Legs and Arms of the chairs.  Cut them out and glue them to a piece of Luan or Cardboard (or any thin material) to use a a stencil.  Cut out the stencils, and keep them Handy!

Now Time to Cut out all the Parts.    
Trace out and cut 2 Legs and 2 Arms.
Then Cut out all the parts in the cut list below.

Stock               Length         QTY
2x6                     18"             2
2x6                     31"             3
1x3                     23.5"          12
1x3                     22"             1

Now is a Good Time to go a head and Paint a first light coat over all of the pieces.  Note:  Dont forget to use the primer first to make your color really Pop.

Now is when everything starts to come together.  Start by attaching all of the Slates to the legs as shown in the pictures (dont forget the slate inserted into the cutout of the legs).  Then prop up the front so that the flat section of the back of the leg lays flat on the ground and attach the front legs to both sides of the Legs.  Now attache the supports for the arms and back slats.  Then attach the back slates evenly spaced.  Finally, Attach the arm rests.  OPTIONAL: as a nice bit of detail, a wooden bracket can be made to fit under the arm rests and attached to the arm rests and the front legs.

TIme for Paint:  Now that everything is assembled, break out the spray paint and have some fun.  Thing coats built up to make a nice and strong finish works best.  

Once they are dry. Find a cold beverage and enjoy!

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