Introduction: Sonar Range Finder

In this Instructable, a test plan was created to see if a sonar range finder can determine if laptop is open or not. Below, are instructions on how to create the sonar range finder, how to program the Arduino and calibrate it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Gather Materials:

One Breadboard

Four Jumper Wires

One Arduino and USB Cable

One Sonar Range Finder



Step 2: Connect the Pieces

Connect the jumper wires to the correct pins by following the images above.

The first image shows the sonar range finder and where the jumper wires should be connected through the arduino board. The second image shows the actual set up.

Step 3: Programming

The code above shows how to properly program the Arduino.

Step 4: Calibrate the Values

To do this, you will need a ruler and a notebook. The image above shows the sensor values at different inch values at 2 inch increments.

Place the sonar range finder 0 inches on the ruler. Place the notebook on top of 2 inches on the ruler. Record the values given. Move the notebook to 4 inches. Record the value again. Do this again until you get to 8 inches. When you are done, put all of the values into a table like the one seen above and create a graph.