Introduction: Sonic the Hedgehog Neon Sign

I always wanted to try and make a cool neon\led sign and who's better the sonic as my first project...

This is my first instructable and it's a pretty easy project so go easy on me and have fun :)

OK guys, lets run right into this.

Step 1: Tools&Materials

First you need to order your led cable.
I got mine from amazon and you can get one in lots of colors and lengths

Here is the link for the cable i bought:
You'll also need:

Foam board
Sonic printout (PDF attached)
Scotch tape
Glue gun
Glow in the dark paint
Paint brush
Scissors or utility knife
White paint or white pen
2 AA batteries

Step 2: Print, Stick and Cut

Print the PDF attached in the previews step, assemble sonic as shown and stick all the papers together with

the tape.

Next cut out the sonic outline and the eyes.

Place the cutout on the foam board and attached with more tape ( make sure to first try pulling the tape on a hidden corner or on the back side of the board. see if you can take the tape off without tearing the foam board, if not, use a different tape).
We can now continue to the next step

Step 3: Aligning the Led Cable

Take your led cable and stick the beginning (the side with the battery pack) of the cable to the lower point of the sonic cut out.

Align the cord along the cut out and using the glue gun stick the cable to the board.

I glued the cable at spaces of about 1 cm and in places I wanted to make sure are glued well like corners.

It's impossible to make sharp corners without breaking the cord so I made them a bit rounded and used a lot of glue to make sure they stay rounded.

when you stack the cord all the way to the starting point punch a hole (preferably in a hidden spot under the beginning of the cord) and insert the rest of the cord into the hole.

Step 4: Coloring the Eyes

Using a white pen or white color paint in the eyes.

After the color is dry add the glow in the dark color onto the white, make sure the eyes are covered entirely. I put on 3 coats of the glow in the dark colors to make them really bright.

Step 5: Adding Letters - Punching Holes In

Next, write down the word you want t to add on a separate paper.

Put your paper on the board and punch holes at the beginning and ending of every letter.

In order to make the sharp points of the letter N punch 2 holes at the tips.

Step 6: Adding Letters - Led Cable

Thread the wire trough the holes you punched and curve the letters using the hot glue gun.

In order to make the sharp points of the letter N punch 2 holes at the tips and string the line under the board in the area between the holes.

Step 7: All Done

That's it!

Put 2 AA batteries in your cable, close the light and enjoy the result! it's almost as fun as actually finishing a level with more then 10 rings...

Bonus geeky fact: there is a protein in charge of the differentiation of neural tube cell in embryos that is named after sonic :)

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