Sony Headphones Mic Upgrade

Introduction: Sony Headphones Mic Upgrade

I love my sony headphones, they sound great and are very comfortable for a longer period of time.

Having a mic built-in is great as I dont have to switch headphones neither do I have to unplug my headphone from the phone to talk on the calls.

The only thing I wished for was if the mic had a rigid stem so that I wont have to hold it when I spoke.

I had a study table lamp which had a Gooseneck, the lamp wasn't working anymore because of the fried electronics. Gooseneck are pipes which can be bend 360 degree up-to a certain limit. They are hollow which makes them perfect for lamps as you can pass wire through them which makes the built clean.

Step 1: FIle

Download the following file and print it at .2 layer height. no supports needed.

Gooseneck diameter = 6mm in the stl file.

Step 2: Modelling

So I recovered the gooseneck from the lamp and modelled a holder of the mic on fusion 360 according to the dimensions I took from the mic and printed it out on my anet a8 in black PLA.

The printed cover slides on the mic and snaps on the gooseneck's end.

Step 3: Installation

To pass the wire through the gooseneck you will have to remove the padding by unscrewing 2 screws which are accessible if you lift the padding cover just enough.

If you stretch the cover from one side to remove, you will loosen up padding cover. I found its harder to re-apply the padding cover on the case as one puts balloon on faucet, so these 2 screws helps a lot.

Step 4: Soldering

  1. Once you have opened the speaker which has the mic connected to it, you will have to desolder the speaker wire, click a picture of the wire connection so that you dont mess it up.
  2. Drill a hole, a bit smaller than the diameter of the gooseneck you have in the bottom of the speaker cover.
  3. Pass the wire through the hole and the gooseneck and solder the wires for the last time.
  4. Tie a knot a the end so the wire doesn't stresses out the solder connection.
  5. Apply some epoxy(from the inside) on the gooseneck so it wont come lose.

Step 5: Re-Assembling

Check if the speaker and mic is working by recording a sound on your phone and playing it back.

If everything is working fine, pack the speaker and you are done.

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