South Pacific Crate Props

Introduction: South Pacific Crate Props

We will be building Crates as props for the play South Pacific.

Step 1: Materials

5: 10’ 2X4

3: 10’ 1X4

Black spray paint


Wood glue

Foam board for stencils

2: 4X8 ½ inch plywood

You'll also need a framing gun and framing nail.


Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

You should measure your sides for the crates 19''x19'' for one side (side A) 19''x19''
Using a table saw you should cut out the pieces
The. Re-measure in case or a mistake.

Step 3: Fitting the Pieces Together

Fitting Side A to Side B.

To fit the pieces together you're going to need to use wood glue on the outer inside edges of the ply wood (which you have already cut). Then hold it together using C-clamps. After you think the glue has set in, take the board and using a framing gun, nail the sides together. If you mess up in any shape or form, use a crowbar to undo the nails and try again. Or if you feel the damage is too much, then you should probably start over.

This was the most difficult part for our group.

Step 4: Sanding and Finshing

Sanding was done to get any pencil marks and or other unwanted markings on the crate. Stencils were made to be placed on the crates after the crates had been painted. Sanding is also used for smoothing out any rough edges that could become a safety hazard for the actors.

Step 5: Final Touches

After sands painting was done to the crates to give it a kind of rustic some what worn down look. You can choose to paint the crate or just sand them[the crates] and leave them be. Stencils were then added to the crate to give it that final looks of being a military crate. The stencils were spray painted on with black spray paint. You then should add handles to the side and or top of the crate.

Step 6: All Done!

Congratulations!!:) You've done it! I hope this instructable helped you make a wonderful prop for a wonderful play!

If not, check out some other intsructables made by some of my teammates:


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