Introduction: South Pacific, Crates

My main contribution towards this project was the stencils, I helped with the crate building a little as well

Step 1: Cut the Wood

I took the sheet of wood, put it under the table saw, measured the length to be 11'', turn the saw on, push the wood through while keeping the side along the side panel to make sure that the cut is straight.

Use the safety triangle to push the wood through, to keep your hands away from the blade.

Step 2: Put the Pieces Together

I took the cut 2X4 and glued the side of it connecting it another piece, making an L shape.

I then waiting for my team to staple them together, then I took the 11'' piece I cut and glued that onto the L shaped structure.

Step 3: Sand the Box

Take the sander and move your hand in circular motions, creating an even surface, make sure you go over the edges so you don't get a splinter

Step 4: Create the Handles

Take a piece of string, cut to your desired length, cut two pieces of 2X4, place them evenly on the the crate, with the piece of string underneath and staple the string and the wood, creating a handle

Step 5: Find a Font

I went on Microsoft Word, and looked through all of the different style fonts, and I decided to go with one that looked like it would go on a Military Crate. The font I used was called Stencil.

Step 6: Trying Things Out

Before I figured out a simpler way of creating stencils, I was drawing the words out and trying to cut them out individually. I found this to be a wrong choice and really time consuming.

Step 7: Cut Out the Stencils

I then printed out the Stencil typing in 72 point font, and used an exacto knife to carefully cut of the black lettering of the stencils

Step 8: Final Step

We then took the stencils and used black spray paint, and sprayed it in bursts, so that it wouldn't bleed. We then let it dry and then the crates were ready for the show!