Space Wall Art

Introduction: Space Wall Art

This is a simple, quick wall art project that takes little skill or effort, but is themed and looks good. Customization of this idea can lead to minimalist designs or cartoon/story lines, and serve as an awesome Space themed break in a big white wall.

Step 1: Cut Paper

Cut a black or sparkly piece of paper into geometric shapes. I chose 10 evenly sized hexagons. These will be arranged next to each other on the wall, with small gaps in between. Other shapes to consider could include: diamonds, circles, squares, bars, chevrons, curves, etc.

Step 2: Arrange

Arrange your Shapes in the desired pattern. I simply placed the shapes on cardboard backing, using masking tape to secure it to the wall. I used a long segment with the rocket trail to connect it with the arranged pattern of hexagons. Play around with this and make fun scenes!

Step 3: Enjoy!

Have fun with this! I copied a drawing I had done as a kid and placed it as the centerpiece. With a piece of pretty paper, I made a backing for the rocket trail. Add astronauts, satellites, Space station, Stars, etc to your heart's content!

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