Spaghetti With a Yummy Sauce

Introduction: Spaghetti With a Yummy Sauce

And sometimes we want to eat something yummy.
So here's one of the meals that I love most

Step 1: How to

All you need is


*ground meat

*tomato sauce

*red onion ( probably just a half of it)






How to ?

First start from meat, it takes longer time to cook it and make proper, mouth-watering sauce.

Start cooking ground meat in the pan ( or pot, what ever you like more), when it changes color add salt and other spices that you like. Make it chili or salty, anything you want.

After that start adding chopped onion. ( make thin chops. Unless you like them bigger :) )

few minutes later add chopped carrots and then add tomato sauce.

You can now start spaghetti, while turning the sauce heat on low.

when spaghetti is about done, add mushrooms and tomatoes to your sauce ( you can leave some chopped tomatoes to serve it on top)

You can add butter to your spaghetti, it'll be rich, but fat. And yet so tasty...
or some olive oil ( if you like it)

serve spaghetti first, sauce on top.

Now add the cheese and tomatoes


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