Bell Pepper and Chorizo Omelette




Introduction: Bell Pepper and Chorizo Omelette

Traditionally Spanish omelettes contain potatoes, I personally consider the addition of potatoes in the omelette to make the dish far to heavy. So i have opted to abstain from using them, this means that in some respects the recipe is far more similar to that of the Italian Frittata ( like a quiche without pastry). However i have used strong Spanish influences with this recipe mainly the addition of bell peppers, Chorizo and paprika that i feel it is closer in nature to that of the Spanish omelette.

If your worried about the moisture at the bottom of the pan this dish is suppose to be very moist.

You will need a frying pan that can go in the oven for this recipe.

1 White Onion Finely Chopped

6 Cloves of Garlic

2 peppers

half a stick of Chorizo

100g cheddar, grated

3 large eggs

170 ml of double cream (Roughly equal quantity to eggs)

1 bunch of Chives finely chopped

1Tbsp Paprika

Step 1: Knife Maintenance

I recommend before starting any sort of cooking that you invest your time in some knife maintenance. It is a mark of an exceptionally poor chef for there knife to be blunt, not just because for some reason the level of our ego is linked to our knives sharpness, but also because there are safety issues. A dull blade requires more force to cut. The more force you put on an object the more likely it is to slip and then your very likely to end up with quite a serious cut. Believe me i have been there.

I might do an instructables entirely dedicated to knife maintenance and safety, considering its importance can not be overstated. if you guys are interested in that leave me a comment saying so and i would more then happy to put one out. :)

Step 2: Prep

I have a tendency to line up all my ingredients before i need to cook them i would recommend you do the same, once they are on the heat you will find you will quickly run out of time before something gets burnt.

Preheat the oven to Gas mark 5/6 200C 390F

Picture 1. prepare the onion in a fine dice

picture 2. finely chop your garlic, you can use a blender or mortar and pestle ( no one wants a huge chunk of garlic in there food)

Picture 3. finely slice the bell peppers, this will make up the bulk of your omelette.

Picture 4. slice the Chorizo up in to small pieces.

Picture 5. Grate the Cheddar

Picture 6. Finely chop the Chives

Picture 7 -10. prep the egg mix Combine eggs, cream, paprika and seasoning

Picture 11 prep is all finished lets get cooking

Step 3: Sauté

Picture 1. pour a small measure of oil in to a hot pan this oil needs to be smoking before you decide to add your vegetables. once you get the first bits of smoke you can add your onions and garlic and then turn the heat down.

Picture 2. after a few minutes in the pan the onions with sweat and turn translucent, you want to wait a little longer so that they gain some colour after this you can add your chopped chorizo in to the pan.

Step 4: Building Up the Omelette

Picture 1. after the onions and Chorizo have cooked for a couple more minutes its time to take them off the heat and add the sliced peppers, its important to not cook the peppers in the pan as they need to be in the oven for quite along time after this and will turn soggy.

Picture 2. after you have spread the pepper evenly thought-out the pan its time to add the egg mixture, don't worry if it doesn't cover it all the mixture will roughly double in size when in the oven.

Picture 3. Add grated cheese

Picture 4. put half of your chopped chives on the top of the dish

Picture 5. sprinkle a little paprika on top as well.

Step 5: Oven and Serving

Picture 1. If you are using a wooden handle on your frying pan it will need to be covered with a damp tea towel, it will burn otherwise.

Picture 2. place dish in the oven for 20 Minutes Gas mark 5/6 200C 390F

Picture 3. Serve hot or cold.

Thank you for reading , if you have any comments or queries please contact me and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    omg... why do u call it spanish omelette when it's not and even you also say that? Spanish omelette only has eggs and potatoes. Anything else is a variation, the most usual with some onion followed with green/red pepper.

    Chorizo and paprika are really far from being close to the spanish omelette. But the spreaded idea around the world is spanish people use chorizo and paprika with all... sigh... and japanese people use sushi everyday even for drinking ;).

    Paprika? grated cheese? oven? spanish omelette? never.