Introduction: Spark Plug F35 Fighter Plane

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Right you bunch of cowboys and gals, I heard some of you got the need for speed so hop on wing man and we'll turn and burn and dust some MIGs ;)

So if my spark plug spitfire is a bit old school for you here's a little updated version which for you is free. Its meant to resemble a F-35 or at least let's pretend it does! This looks great on a mantelpiece with a stand, its also as good without and hanging with fishing line. World is your oyster, I will also include some rough templates but give you the measurements for a standard car spark plug.

Right, let's start, by the way, you'll need this..

Jet building tune

Step 1: Equipment

That's right! I am dangerous.

Joking, don't be dangerous get yourself some safety equipment, how will you be able to write instructables with no fingers?

You will need, Full face mask, Welding gauntlets, Welding mask and a set of work gloves if you haven't got hands of steel, nobody likes metal cuts or splinters!

Now you've got the good stuff I'll allow you to carry on getting your tools, you will need the minimum of Pliers to bend the metal, Tin snips to cut your template out, Sharpie to mark your template, a File to smooth the edges and of course a Mig welder, if you haven't got a Mig, stick and Tig are just as good, or better in some cases.

Step 2: Template

There should be a picture of the dimensions attached for you if I remember to draw it up! So Im using some offcuts, offcuts are the best cuts if you ask me and because like me your off cuts have been in a bin for a while I'll clean the metal off with soapy water to get rid of dust and filings to keep my sharpie in good condition.

Once my sheet is ready to draw on ill mark out my template (look at photos for dimensions)

Step 3: Cutting Your Template

So ill cut all the straight edges that I can get to with some straight tin shears but in my design ive drawn up, the tail wings get in the way with the snips so what I will do is use a set of pliers and clamp it on the cutting line and ill keep bending it back and forth till its snaps off and then I can use that file we got earlier to tidy the lines up, I use that trick a lot in the harder to get places!

Step 4: Bending the Metal

This couldn't really be a more simpler thing to bend, the wings have the intake housing? Not sure if thats the correct name but that needs to be curled over on itself and then the stabilizers need to be bent up, a vice really helps but can also be done with a pair of pliers, I even used a hammer but if you get sheet thin enough it should bend with the force inside your fingers

Step 5: Time to Weld Together

Weld or glue together time has come upon us, you could hold the parts and tack them but If you want them level, and a bit steadier than holding the parts by hand what you could do is open the vice slightly so the spark plug sits in the gap and then lift the front of it by putting a bit of scrap in the HT contact end like I have done in the photo, then you have a level plug with a shelf you can slide the wing on keeping it level and now you can tack away sticking you plane together!

For the stabilizers I did just hold them by hand and then weld them to the threads which worked alright for me and i'm no fabricator!

Step 6: Admire

I did tell you it was simple, we're already done! Id love to see yours in the comments and any criticism is welcomed here as long as it wont make me cry!! As always enjoy yourself while building and stay safe while doing it!

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