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Introduction: Sparkler Bomb

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There's nothing like igniting cool fireworks with friends or family.
In this guide ill show you how to make a sparkler fountain.
I do not take any responsibility or liability for the damage and injury caused by this project.
Make sure you took the Precautions handling fire and explosives (adult supervision is recommended).
What you'll need:
1) Safety goggles.
2)Sparklers (the amount is up to you).
3) Duct tape.
4) Suggested - aluminum foil, tape.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Unwrap the Packages

Put all of your sparklers together (for this I one I used 100 sparklers but 30 will also work nicely).

Step 3: Start Wrapping

Start wrapping the sparklers with the duct tape.
* Important !! leave one sparkler tipping out as a fuse.

Step 4: Finishing

Keep Wrapping the firework with the aluminum foil or with the tape, wrap it well so the sparks will come out of the top (it will makes it look better).

Step 5: Igniting

Now that your sparkler fountain is ready, find a remote spot far from trees or flammable objects.
Anchor the firework to the ground sparklers' heads pointing up.
Light the fuse sparkler and get to a safety place.
Enjoy the show!

Step 6: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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    1 year ago

    Soo i just want to point out that this is only one step away from making an extremely dangerous explosive, and if you're using 100 you're literally creating a bomb as powerful as a stick of TNT. May want too add some very specific safety warnings js


    7 years ago

    Nice wooow


    Reply 7 years ago



    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you