Spectacle Phone Stand !


Introduction: Spectacle Phone Stand !

So don’t you just hate carrying around your spectacle box everywhere you go but use it only few times so you are just carrying a dead weight or do you have bunch of spectacle boxes laying around and don’t know what to do with them ?


With this project we are going to turn that boring waste of space into a phone stand so you won’t feel that you are carrying that thing for nothing ! And you will give those poor boxes a new meaning of life !

So let’s go !!!


1- Spectacle box

2- Silicon gun

3- A marker

4- A rubber like material (Something that is flexible and can produce friction)

5- Cutter

6- A phone (

Step 1: So Basically...

As you can see in the photo, I have already made a little sum up for how this project will go...

With this we will have a general idea about what will we be doing so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s start already !

Step 2: Choose a Box !

Let’s start with choosing a spectacle box,

The chosen spectacle box should be spring based since we will be needing a sturdy platform !

For my case I went with this box !

Step 3: Testing Testing...

Try placing your phone in the desired position and angle that you are the most comfortable in !

Step 4: Get Your Markers !

After you are satisfied with your phones position, use your marker and mark the spots that your phone contacts with the box !

Step 5: Like So

Since my chosen spectacle box looks like a rorschach I had to circle the spots just like in one of those UFO sighting videos hahaha !

Well jokes aside,

After you have marked all the contact spots we are ready to move on !

Step 6: Cutting Time !

Take your chosen rubber like object then cut it just in a way that the pieces will support your phones corners (contact points) just like in the pictures !

After you have finished cutting them, it’s time to use your glue gun to “seal the deal” literally !

Glue your pieces in a way that only 3/4th of the area is glued so that the 1/4 part will be sticking out !

Step 7: Ta-Dahhhh

After you have done, it should look like something like this !

As we can see, those sticking part are supporting the phones corners for extra security and sturdiness so that you can use it with peace of mind !

Thank you and enjoy !

Hope you liked the project !

Step 8: B-b-Bonus Projecttt ?!!!

Unlike the previous project that is changing the function this one focuses on the enhancing functionality part !

The point of this one is to ensure your glasses security by holding it on one place even if you shake it and drop it !

Yes the case protects the glass from the outside but since we are using different boxes here it might not be as safe as we think it is ! (At least psychologically)

Enjoy !

Materials needed :

A spectacle box

A styrofoam

A ruler

Your Glases (duh)


Silicon gun

A marker

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