Spectrum Analyzer Speaker Tower

Introduction: Spectrum Analyzer Speaker Tower

I decided to finally build the speaker tower that I've been meaning to for some time now. Although I don't have a complete instructable on the project, I did manage to snap a few photos along the way.

The speaker tower utilizes various drivers from others that I've scraped. I also used a crossover from a pair of old ONKYO speakers that I found on craigslist which ended up working well and sounding great with the speaker ranges that I had picked out. The other great thing about the ONKYO's were that the speaker cones were transparent which got me in a creative mood and ultimately was the drive behind make the color-changing speaker cone.

Other things about the tower:

I implemented an Arduino based spectrum analyzer using a spectrum shield from sparkfun. This takes in the audio signal a separates it into 7 frequency bands and passes an untouched signal to the output.

I didn't plan on it at first, but I ended up drilling spots to put arcade buttons on the middle in order to change the LEDs between and color or switch into the frequency analysis mode.

Lastly once everything was finished up, I used an AudioSource AMP 102 power amplifier to drive the whole thing. And I do have to say it sounds pretty damn good.

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