Spicy Cereal

Introduction: Spicy Cereal

This recipe is inspired from Indian tea time snack called "Chivda". This is a short cut recipe to savor this snack without guilt.

The ingredients are very simple and very easy to find. This is a recipe twist for a daily breakfast and a great snack.

Step 1: You Need

1 cup of Plain Corn Flakes

1 cup of Plain Rice cripes

I prefer the local grocery brands over the big ones. The blander the better

1/8 cup of Peanuts (cashews, almonds can also be added)

1/8 tsp of Chilli powder

1/8 tsp of Turmeric powder(optional) adds nice color and

1/4 of Popcorn salt or regular salt powdered with mortar and pestle works fine.

(Salt needs to be in fine consistency to evenly coat)

1 tbs Canola oil

1 large wok or stock pot for easy mixing (large enough to hold two cups)

Step 2: How to

-Heat up the pan in medium high heat and add the canola oil.

-Once they are hot enough not smoking add peanuts, reduce heat to medium and fry for 4 mins, keep stirring and not to let them burnt.

-Now lower the heat and add corn flakes and rice crisps, give it a stir.

-Move the contents aside on pan and add the chili and turmeric powder, when they hit the hot surface they loose the raw smell and tastes better. Add salt too now.

-Start to fold in the contents and keep moving it till all the contents are well incorporated. This may take a two minutes and be gentle so not to crush the cereal.

-Store them in a air tight container and enjoy.

I would like to add them to plain greek yogurt and make it a meal sometimes.

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