Introduction: Spicy Pequín Pepper Tortillas

This is the materials and tools you need:

- Corn flour (Maseca)

- Dry Piquín Pepper

- Water

- Bowl

- Tortilla Press

- Turner

- Griddle

- Kitchen Hammer

- Measuring cup

Step 1: Smash the Pequín Pepper

Add some of the Pequín Pepper to a Ziploc bag. Then Grab the kitchen hammer and start smashing them until they look like the picture.

Step 2: Add the Flour

You grab the bowl and add the flour you want, depending on how many tortillas you want.

Step 3: Add Water

Fill the measuring cup with water up until 1/2. Slowly you will add a little bit of water to the bowl. Just a little bit, don't put all of the water.

Step 4: Mix It!

Mix the flour and the water with your hands and integrate them well to form the dough.

Keep adding few amounts of water until the dough is blended in together.

Step 5: Add the Spice!

You will add the smashed Pequín pepper into the flour.

You can add as much as you want, depending on how spicy you want it.

Step 6: Mix It!

Mix it again so that the pequín pepper is all over the flour.

Step 7: Make Tiny Balls

Grab some four, roll it and put it in your hand. The ball should be a little smaller than your hand palm, just like the photo.

Step 8: Make It Real!

The tiny ball you made, you will put it in the center of the tortilla press. Then close it and push it so that the form of the tortilla is made.

Step 9: Put It in the Griddle

Grab the tortilla carefully from the tortilla press and gently put it in the griddle without throwing it. When grabbing the tortilla from the presser, put it in your hand and then put the tortilla on the griddle.

While you are waiting, you can start doing another tortilla. (Putting it in the tortilla press). And if there is enough room in the griddle you can add it there.

Step 10: Turn It Around

After seeing that the sides/edges are lifting up, it means it is time to turn the tortilla around.

With the turner, put the tortilla in it and turn it around carefully so that it doesn't break.

Step 11: You Are Done!

After waiting and seeing that the tortilla is no longer raw put it in the turner and slice it in a container were the tortilla can stay warm until you eat it.

Congratulations!! Enjoy your spicy Pequín pepper tortillas!

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