Introduction: Spiderweb Shoe Lace Technique

Have you ever seen a cool way that someone has their shoe laced? Not only does it look cool, but it can make wearing your shoes a little more comfortable. Today I'm going to teach you how to "spider-web" lace your favorite pair of shoes.

This lacing technique can be done with any type of shoe whether it be a pair of Vans, Converse, Air Joran, and even boots. The "spider-web" lacing technique is used on military boots. The laces run both diagonally and vertically, which in the end make a web formation.

Everyone has their own preferences on the type of shoelaces that they want to have. Another preference is how tightly you have them laced. If the laces are too tight it can be uncomfortable, and your shoes can crease easier. Again, it's all personal preference when it comes to lacing shoes.

Step 1: Items Needed

The items that you are going to need is any pair of shoes and a pair of laces.

Step 2: Eyelets 1-2

The first thing you want to do is take your lace and put it straight through the second set of eyelets. If you are using flat laces you want to make sure that they lay flat. From there you are going to want to take both the left and right lace and take them straight down through the first set of eyelets.

Step 3: Eyelets 3-4

At this point where the laces are through in the bottom eyelets, you want to leave a little space open which makes a little loop on each side. Next, you want to cross your laces and take them up through the third set of eyelets. Now you want to take the left lace and run it through the loop on the left side. Do the same step for the right shoe lace.

Step 4: Eyelets 5-6

The laces should be put through the first set of loops that were made, from there run your laces diagonally up through the fourth set of eyelets. From there you can bring the laces back down through the next set of loops that were made. Now you can cross the laces and go back down through the loop. Repeat this process till you reach the top. This was how do the spiderweb lacing technique