Introduction: Spinning FIREEEEEEEEE

Hello! Today, we are going to make a homopolar motor. It's not that hard, but it requires very specific things. Also, when your done, you can set the paper on fire BUT ONLY THE PAPER. Have fun!

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials that you need

  • A copper wire with no insulation
  • A 1.5 voltage battery
  • 2 magnets with no paint
  • Pliers
  • A piece of paper and tape (Optional)

Step 2: Preparing Battery

  1. Put the batter on it's side
  2. Get the magnets and stick them together
  3. Put the magnets on the negative side of the battery in the very middle
  4. Stand the battery on the magnets

Step 3: Shaping the Wire

For this step, you can neither use the pliers or your hands, but pliers are easier. Take the copper wire and shape the wire into a heart. Use the end of the wires as the bottom of the heart. Be sure that it is balanced. Push the ends of the wire apart so they aren't touching.

Step 4: Making It Spin

Put the part where the heart caves in on the positive side on the battery. It has to be touching the bump. Touch the ends of the wire to the magnets. Be sure that the wire isn't touching the battery or the ground.

Step 5: Decorations

If you want to, print out a picture and tape it to the wire so when it spins, you see it.