Introduction: Spinning Kinetic Scupture SUPER FUN

This is a fun kinetic sculpture that spins and looks super duper cool.

Hope you enjoy this easy tutorial on how to make it!

Step 1: Draw the Blades

The first thing you're going to have to do it draw the blades for each piece. There are 16 total.

For our project we drew only one on the computer, flipped that image for the other side, and printed those two on paper.

Step 2: Transfer Onto Blade Material

We used Styrofoam, but you can use anything hard enough to not flop over.

With a blunt pencil, go over the outline of the blade hard enough for it to appear on the Styrofoam. Now you have an outline!

Step 3: Cut Out Blades

With an exacto knife, cut out each one of the blades. If you don't know how to use one, ask an adult!

Step 4: Paint the Blades!

We used spray paint to do this step.

We painted all 8 of one direction yellow, and the other 8 going in the opposite direction purple.

Step 5: Make the Center and Glue the Blades

Cut two pieces of pvc pipe (make sure they are large enough to fit over the smaller pvcs in the next few steps, we will be reffering to these larger pvcs as the over sized ones from now on), one for each color, then glue the blades onto the center (we used hot glue).

Step 6: Make the Frame

We used plywood, but again, you can use any sturdy material you would like.

Cut out a rectangular piece for your frame. To make it look like a frame, screw pieces of pvc pipe to the outside facing out. This pvc pipe will also help you connect the frame to the base.

Step 7: Make the Base

We used a lot of pvc pipe for this, so make sure you have enough!

Arrange the pvc pipe like the picture above. You might need to do a lot of bending on the pvc that arches down to the bottom.

Step 8: Put in the Pvc for the Circles

On the rectangle frame, make three holes in a triangle shape. Put in pvc pipes through each hole. Make sure that is is long enough in the back and in the front.

Step 9: Make Spinning Handles.

For the bottom two pvc pipes sticking out of the frame, you will need a larger piece of pvc to go over it in order to make the circles spin. Once you find these pieces, cut out two cardboard washers for each with enough space for the rubber band to go in the middle. Finally,put a connecting piece of pvc at the end to serve as a handle.

Step 10: Put Everything in Place

You will need 2 large rubber bands for this step.

Ring the rubber band over the pvc with the blades, and connect it to the bottom one with the handle.

Make sure that the circles have a pretty bid distance apart. If they slide together, it another over sized piece of pvc of the top pvc of the triangle where the circles are, keeping them apart.

Step 11: Fix the Shape

You will need 2 large rubber bands for this step.

Since the tension of the two circles and their rubber bands will be pulling down all the pvc pipes, on the back, add two rubber bands attached to all the pvc pipes.

Step 12: Final Touches

Paint anything you want to be colored (we used spray paint), and you're done!

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