Motorized Paper Pumpkin

Introduction: Motorized Paper Pumpkin

This project is going to teach you how to make a spinning pumpkin.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

You will need the following objects:

Colored Paper (you can pick whatever color you'd like)

4- 3-volt batteries



Copper Tape (used in stained glass making)


Foam Board ( purchase at craft stores or Wal-Mart)


Hot glue gun

Step 2: Creating the Pumpkin

First, you will need to design your pumpkin. After you have designed it you will need to cut it out. You can use colored pencils, markers, and colored paper. If you want you can really jazz up your pumpkin and use sparkles or something along that line.

Step 3: Creating Your Base

Secondly, you will need to have a base or create one. I used two pieces of foam board. You can use one big piece, but all I had were two small pieces so I put them together. You can use any kind of base you'd like as long as it is not flimsy. If you would like a different shape for your base that would work too.

Step 4: Adding the Tape

Then you will need to place two pieces of copper tape on the base. The two pieces should not be touching.

Step 5: Adding the Motor

After the copper tape has been placed on you should then connect the motor to the tape. Only the negative, which is the black wire, the ground should be attached. Leaving the positive, which is the red wire, loose.

Step 6: Connecting the Button

After the motor is attached you should then attach the button. Connecting the positive side to the copper tape with the negative already attached. While the negative on the button should be attached to the other piece of copper tape.

Step 7: Power Source

You will need 4, 3-volt batteries to power your motor. You will have to stack them on top of each other and if it helps to keep them in place you can tape them as well. Stack them with the negative, which is the side with - on it, on the bottom and the positive, +, end at the top. When taping them you should tape around the middle of the stack, so you can use the negative and positive ends.

Step 8: Motor Stand

Afterwards, if the motor is working you can make the motor a stand. As you can tell I used toothpicks to hold up my motor. I hot glued the ends of the toothpicks to my motor on one end and the other end I hot glued them to the base. You can use something other than toothpicks as long as they are sturdy enough to hold up the motor.

Step 9: Completed Project

After the glue is dried you can add the pumpkin to the end of the motor. I used tape to put mine on there. When the pumpkin is on it should spin.

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