Introduction: Spiral Beaded Bracelet

A fun bracelet!

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

So we need


1-Scissors/the kind depends on the wire you use


3-Crochet Needles/Opt and can be replaced by straws or bamboo sticks





Step 2: Measure the Wire

Wrap the wire around your wrist 2 times and cut

Step 3: Attach the Lock

drive the wire through the lock's loop

drive one end of the wire over the other and make a loose loop

grab and pull the end of the wire to tighten the loop

wrap the excess wire like a spring

Step 4: Make the Spiral

Wrap the wire around the crochet needle like a spring and continue to the end

then push the bended wires to the tip of the needle and take it out

pull the wire as much as it fits your wrist

Step 5: Thread the Beads

Easy just slip them in and watch them twirl down

Step 6: Make a Loop

Using the pilers or your hands make a loop at the end of the wire

Step 7: Finished

And there you go ;-)