Introduction: Sponge Functions 2

In this project i will show you how to add a function and enhance the function of a cleaning sponge.

it is very simple and need a few objects to apply.


- Sponge

- Paper binder

- 1 Big

- 1 Medium

Step 1: Attachment

Get one of the big paper binders and attach it to the sponge

Step 2: Remove the Metal

Remove the handles as you can see and leave the black part on the sponge

this will enhance the drying function of the sponge and will provide an extra piece for us to hang the sponge and handle it.

Step 3: Paper Clips !!!!!!!

Get the small paper clip and take one of the handles,

attach the handle to the larger paper clip as shown is the photo.

Step 4: Attach Them to the Sponge

attach the small handle on to the binder that is attached to sponge.

now we have our mechanism.

Step 5: Attach It to a Shelf Above the Sink

finally you can attach it to a shelf above the sink in case you don't have a shelf but a long tap you can hang it on the tap.

now as you see we have a mechanism due to the characteristics of the paper clip/binder.

as the handles can move forward and backwards we can use that to our advantage, we can pull it out to have it above the sink after using it so it drips into the sink and doesn't mess up the surrounding of the sink, and when its dry and you want to use the sink you can push it backwards to get it out of your way.

Step 6: Demonstration