Introduction: Spooky Name Tag ( Linkit One )

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Now this is a Spooky Name Tag which is really easy to make. This was made using linkit one . This Name tag can be used in science exhibitions , Halloween , Theme related party's , and many other festivals.
The main feature is the blinking and fading of the LEDs inside it.

I made only my initials as my name tag but you can make your own using your full name because the letter A was made using hot glue .

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Step 1: Parts

Following are the parts required for the Name Tag.

• Linkit One programming board( and linkit one sdk installed in your computer or laptop).
• USB cable of linkit one
• 3 LEDs ( you may have more )
• Wire
• Soldering Iron
• Soldering Wire
• Card Board Box or Simply Card Board
• Hot Glue Gun
• Male pins

Step 2: Preparing the Box

The cardboard box will form the body of our Name Tag .

Cut the cardboard in a form of square( I made it square but you can make whatever shape you want but remember that it should be that big to hide linkit one and wires ).

Now with hot glue you make your initials or your full name .

Now cover the box with black paper and make holes for LEDs .

Now stick one side of your initials on( Do not stick your other because than it would be difficult to put LEDs below it).

Step 3: Placing LEDs

As we know linkit one has 2 analogwrite pins ( analogwrite pins are required for fading ) and we have 3 LEDs therefore 2 leds will be connected in parallel venation and other led's gnd will be soldered to the gnd of other leds .

Now solder a wire to minus of all LEDs and solder 2 wires to plus of those LEDs .

Now solder male pins on the other end of these wires.

Step 4: Uploading the Code

Upload the following code to your linkit one .

Step 5: Completion

Now 80 percent of our work is done .
You only need to connect the male pins to linkit one (as in the code) attach battery and keep it or stick it to cardboard box.

Finally staple a loop of a ribbon to the back of cardboard( for wearing it).

The hot glue acts as translucent substance and glows very nicely.

Your watch is complete now you can wear it.

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