Introduction: Spool Holder for Flashforge Creator Pro (FFCP)

How to recycle old PVC tube into an efficient spool holder for Flashforge creator Pro ?

The Flashforge creator Pro is a great printer but the original spool holder provided with the printer is not really standard... Some spools are not fitting at all, and some are just too loose... and the spool fall down while printing (very annoying!!)...

On thingiverse, you can find plenty designs for the holder.

The usually imply a full print a holder.
On my side, I wantged something ultra easy and fast to print...
I had some PVC tube left hover... So combining both give you this instructable.

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

In order to achieve this spool holder, you need:

1x M10 130mm bolt

1x 75mm of PVC tube (diameter max 50mm)

1x the following 3d printed part :

Step 2: All You Have to Do Is....

Print the thing, and assemble it as the following:

  1. Put the piece with the square hole on the bolt.
  2. Pass the bold from the inside to the outside of the printer
  3. Now put the square piece with the round hole
  4. Add the PVC pipe
  5. Add the last printed part
  6. Tightly screw all together.

You're done...

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