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Introduction: Spool for Twine or Cord

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I do a lot of work out on my acreage and one tool I have found very useful is a roll of baler twine. I use it mark a row when I plant garden seeds. to tie up my tomato plants. I use it to tie pecan limbs when they are not going where I want them to, and I find lots of other uses for it. The problem is this roll of twine is about the same size as a basketball and is too bulky and heavy to carry the whole roll around. I thought there must be a better way.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

A pool noodle toy (condition not important)

Twine, paracord, cord or string that needs organizing

Felt tip marker

Box knife or kitchen knife.

NOTE: I am not responsible for damage to you if you use your significant other's best knife.

Step 2: Cut Noodle to Length

Pretty much self explanatory. Just don't cut yourself.

Step 3: Cut Slot

Cut a slot in one end or several slots on both ends. You can't do much wrong here except cut yourself.

Step 4: Add Mark to Find Slot

When you cut the slot in the previous step, you will find that it pretty much disappears. I add a mark with felt tip pen so I can find the slot.

Step 5: Wrap the Twine, Paracord, Cord, String, or Whatever.

The easiest way (I like easy) to start the wrap is to push the end of the twine down into the hole, then pull the cord down into the slot. Then just wrap the twine 'round & 'round, then tuck the end into the slot. Your finished. I carry one of these on my golf cart, one in my pickup truck, one in my shop, and take some camping & hunting.

Cost = $0.00 (I like free)

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    3 years ago

    You, my good sir, are brilliant. I love this! I’ve been trying for years to think of something for storing our many strings of Christmas lights. The best I came up with was wrapping each around a piece of cardboard. It sorta works, but deep down I knew there just had to be something better. I have a bunch of pool noodles but this never occurred even slightly. Thank you so much for sharing this. It absolutely made my day!