Spray Painted Wood Pallet Creation



Introduction: Spray Painted Wood Pallet Creation

Designed and created by students at the WorkShop School

Step 1: Get Your Wood Pallet

Step 2: Break the Pallet Apart and Keep the 6 Peices on the Top

You can take the pallet apart with a hammer and crowbar.

Step 3: Sand 5 of Those Peices and Make Them All Smooth

You can use a hand sander for this.

Step 4: Put the 5 Pieces Together and Use a Ruler to Line Out Where You Want to Put Your Cuts for the Design

Step 5: Use the Saw to Make the Cuts and Create Your Design

You will need a saw thats strong enough to cut threw layers of wood.

Step 6: Lay the Pieces Down Straight and Drill Two Extra Peices of Wood to the Back and One Extra Piece on the Front to Hold All Your Pieces Together

You can use a 12 volt drill and 5/8in nails.

Step 7: Get Your Supplys for the Spary Painting

You will need your choice of paint (we picked gold) your spray gun and a respirator.

Step 8: Pour Your Paint Into Your Stray Gun

You can use a funnel.

Step 9: Now That All of the Pieces Are Together Lay It on a Portable Work Stand and Start to Stray Paint

Step 10: After It Drys You Can Drill Your Flower Pot Holder On

You can buy these from Lowes for about $4 each.

Step 11: Lastly Put Your Pots on and Put the Flowers of Your Choice Inside of Them Then Your Done

You can also get the dirt, flowers, and pots from Lowes.

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