Introduction: Spray Paint Water Color Stencil Portrait

This will make a unique present and definitely put a smile on the face of who ever your giving it to. Its relatively easy and cheap.

Step 1: Choose Your Image.

I chose a picture of my cute nephew.

Step 2: Stock Card

Pick up some stock card from your local dollar store. Carefully place the stock card over your screen then gently trace your image (don't press too hard or you will mess up your screen). When I do this I like to have the room really dark so I close the doors and shut the blinds.

Step 3: Stencil

Remove the stock card from your screen then darken the lines that are going to make up your stencil.

Step 4: Cutting

Use a hobby knife to cut your stencil out (be careful don't cut yourself). I picked up these knives at my local dollar store as well.

Step 5: Spray Paint.

Use whatever color spray paint you like and evenly spray your stencil on your paper or canvas.

Step 6: Water Color

Pick up some water color paint, I'm going to be using cotton balls and cotton swabs as paint brushes.

Step 7: Progress

I'm not going to explain how to paint with water colors because it is super easy. Water colors are very forgivable so its easy to fix any mistake you might make. For highlights simply use water as paint (it lightens the paint). Have fun with this, art is a form of expression and it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 8: Finished Product

My sister absolutely loved it. Have fun painting. Any questions just ask. Check out my etsy shop as well @

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