Introduction: Sreynith and Thiny Machine

About: This is a collection of projects made by students at the Liger Learning Center. We are a learning facility which provides a 21st century education to gifted and talented students from around Cambodia.

Step 1: Make the Plan

First we made a plan in the notebook by drawing and design machine and picture.

Step 2: Make the Cam

Next we take the cardboard to cut into eight circle.And we cut four circle into gear.Then we take two circle to glue it together(Do the same thing as the last one).we take the gear glue it together again(Repeat the last one).We left two more circle.

Step 3: Make the Box

Then we take the cardboard to make the box for put cams in.We cut cardboard into ten triangle that fit in the corner of the box.Then we glue the triangle in all of corner in both side.

Step 4: Make the Picture

First we cut the cardboard into four apples.And then we take two apples to glue it together.we left two apples and we do the same as last one.we cut the cardboard into eight hands of apple. Next we take two hands and glue it together(Do the same thing for three more.)

Step 5: Put the Cam in the Axel

We make the holes in the cams to put the axel in.Next we put the cams in the axel. After that we place axel with cams in the box. Then we glue cams with axel.

Step 6: Make the Top for Put the Picture

First we cut two piece of short straw.Next we poke two hole on the top of the box.And then we glue the straw with the box.We take two piece of wire to glue with two circle that have left.Then we put the wire with the circle in the straw.

Step 7: Tape the End of the Stick

We take the tape to stick the end of the stick (in both side).

Step 8: Make the Lever of Machine

We take the cardboard cut in rectangle.Then we fold it in half and glue it together.We take the short stick with the rectangle.

Step 9: Put the Scrap Paper on Machine and Picture

We cut the scrap paper into little pieces and we glue on the picture(put the white size up).And we do the same thing with machine.

Step 10: Paint the Picture

We take the apples then paint one in yellow and one in green.Then we take creamy yellow paint to make the stripe on green apple.Next we take pink paint to do the same thing with green apple.

Step 11: Paint the Outside of Machine

We deign the machine with ruler and pencil. And we paint with a lot of color(black,orange, Purple,Different type of pink,different type of blue and yellow.

Step 12: Paint the Inside of the Machine

We take dark purple to paint inside.We paint three or four coat of paint .Then we paint on the cam the same color.