"Stødig" Coffetable

Introduction: "Stødig" Coffetable

Summerproject couple years ago;

I present you "Stødig"! A nice coffetable for your livingroom. I'm sorry there isn't any more pictures, but hope it can be a good inspiration!

Step 1: Materials

The entire project was made by the materials i could find around on our farm. But the main frame and the sides is made from cherry-tree. The white inlays is just pine and the dark grey inlay is oak.

Other materials used;
Danish Wood Oil

Step 2: Construction

Clamps and glue does the trick!

Step 3: Final Oiling !

It amazing how the oil changes the entire table into a real furniture. Really nice working with, and if the table loses its glow after a few years its just to add more oil and it will be as good as new!

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    So pretty! It looks really great, you should take tons of pictures on your next build, it will help people better imitate your awesomeness!