Introduction: Stable Oven Skewer

Oven tray that keeps food up right so that it can be cooked evenly

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 Broil Pan Set

2 3/32 Ferrule and Stop Set from Home Depot

1 Gorilla Glue

3/8 inch screw

1 Drill

3 Skewers from the Dollar Store

3 regular upholstery tacks

Saw (optional)

Hammer (optional)

Step 2: Remove Skewer From Handle

-Pull apart metal rod from wooden handle

-if difficult use saw to cut them apart

-set aside for later

Step 3: Creating Holes

-Drill three holes along center of lid with electric drill

-make sure the hole goes all the way through the lid

Step 4: Cleaning Up the Holes

-Use a hammer to lightly make sure holes are flattened

-its important that the surface stays flat for next part

Step 5: Create Stoppers

-take out pointed end of tack and keep the base

-take 3 ferrule's from the home depot set

-glue ferrule to base of tack

-these will turn into "stoppers"

Step 6: Block Holes

-glue stoppers to the bottom of the lid where the drilled holes are

-make sure to align ferrule with hole is to create extension for skewer

Step 7: Add the Skewers (final Step)

-take the skewer and place it into the holes

-should slide in with no problem

Step 8: Video

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