Introduction: Stand Up Paddle Board

Made from Scratch

Step 1: Lamination

Ribs cut out to shape on Bandsaw then holes drilled to lighten and provide a place to clamp.

I used Hemlock for my strips. They are about 1 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick

Glues each piece using a water proof glue

Step 2: Sanding

After strips are in place sanded top and bottom

I hand planed the rails to shape them and then sanded

After sanding I made the front part and the back which I glues and then shaped

Step 3: Finish Touches

I used plasti dip around the rails to straighten them

I also drilled to holes in the tail to let air out when not in use. (Very Important)

I bought a fin box online and installed it

I made my own handle box and placed it in using supports and epoxy

Last step is to fiber glass the whole board

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