Introduction: Stanley Work Box Hack

In the quest for the perfect tool box (I have a tool fetish), I needed a box to store my tools for an on-site job and had 2 criteria.
1. The box needed to be light enough to move myself and
2. Maximize the interior space to hold enough tools.

The big commercial boxes are secure enough but way too heavy. I liked the Stanley large roller box and even if it was plastic, knew it had potential. I studied it for a while and I planned to nest self contained trays that could be lifted out.

Step 1: Add 2x4's to the Top

This is important if you want to use a miter saw or cut some wood. It's a good sturdy platform to work from. I attached the 2 bys from inside the top lid with recessed crown bolts so nothing would stick through. Then I can screw a piece of plywood for a work top.

Step 2: 3 Levels of Storage - Bottom

Start with the bottom compartment. The photo doesn't show it very well but I used 3/4"x 8" pine to create a box. This area is for power tools and cords. The edge of the compartment holds the upper trays.

Step 3: Middle Tray

This tray holds tool belt, safety gear and other stuff. It's made from 3/4"x5" pine with 1/4" peg board for the bottom. I like using drywall screws for all of the fasteners.

Step 4: Top Tray

Here's the top tray. It holds all of the hand tools and is the heaviest. Since this post, I've devided it into 2 trays making it easier to remove. It's about 4" deep.

Step 5: Parts Box

Eevery good tool box has a place for small parts. I found this one at HD and it just fits this area. It holds line, drill bits, etc.

Step 6: Use the Built in Handle

Slid out the built in handle to rest the trays on when the box is open.

Step 7: All Opened Up

Here she is in all her glory. I used the slide out handle to hold the top tray and it doesn't tilt over at all. I have access to all the tools and I was able to get most of my tools in the box. I made some ramps for my pickup so I could roll her on.

All in all, I'm very happy but I'm sure I can futher this hack to include power outlets, sun shade, radio and refreshments. Let me know what you think.