Introduction: Star Clock (Simple Build!)

This is a quick clock you can build in one sitting. Great for any room of the house!

Required Materials:
-Michaels Clock Gear Box ($5.00 w/coupon)
-Popsicle Sticks (at least 25)
-Glue (I prefer tacky glue)
-Clips (or your own fingers, though this takes longer
-Paint (I prefer cheap acrylic paint)

Step 1: Add Popsicle Stick Frame

Follow the pictures to glue together the Popsicle Stick frame.

Don't rush this set, because the glue should be set before adding too many sticks. I do many projects with wood sticks and have learned that rushing only leans to frustration.

Step 2: Admire Your Work!

When your glue is dry, your clock should look like this.

Looking good!

Truthfully, you could be done at this point if you don't have paint. But the daring among us must plow on...

Step 3: Paint Clock

Follow the pictures in this step to paint your clock to perfection.

Just like Step 1, do not rush! Try to paint this clock as cleanly you can.

Once dry, you are done! Hang your clock and let others ask the awesome question:

"Wow, did you make this?"

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