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BB-8 from star wars is ready to roll !

Here I make BB-8 from star wars movie. To be honest, making the plushie was quite challenging since I want to make my own version of the pattern. But it turns out pretty good and I'm satisfied with the result, so I hope you will like it and try to make it too :)

Step 1: What You Needs

What will you needs are :

- Some paper

- Pen

- Scissors

- Fabric of 3 colors, white, grey, and yellow.

Here I used felt, but I recommend you to use a better one for making dolls since felt isn't a strecth-type fabric, if you’re not used to sewing, you’ll find it a little hard to make plushie from felt.

- Needle and threads.

For the treads you will need 2 type of threads, the small one for sewing and the bigger one for making body details. For the large one, you will need 3 different color, white, grey and black.

- Stuffing

- Pattern and a picture of BB-8 to help you figure out how the body should be.

Step 2: Cut the Pattern

I've been looking for some BB-8 pattern, but I decided to make my own pattern for this project. If you used my pattern, maybe it will more stressful but the result is more satisfying once it's done, so don't be afraid. If you want my pattern, you can send me an email me to, I will gladly sent it. I would not share your email, spam, or anything bad, I just want to know you :)

But don't be afraid to make your own pattern, it's fun and much challenging :)

- Once you have the pattern, print it out and cut every single pieces.

- For each pattern, copy them on the fabrics (you can google BB-8 picture to ensure which color for which pattern)

Step 3: Sew the Body Circle

- Sew the pattern one by one, from inside to outside (grey part to white part, and white part to yellow part). Make total six circles with different details.

- Make the circle more detail by using large string (you may consider to take a look at BB-8 picure)

- Join 4 of the circle to body part (you may consider the order of the circle), and leave 2 circles for top and bottom body parts.

Step 4: Sew the Body

- Join 4 of body parts together (like sewing a ball)

- Put one of the circle that supposed to be the bottom of the body

- Join the last circle to the top of the body, but leave some space for stuffing

- Flip, and stuff the body until it formed a ball

- Sew the remaining space to close the body

Step 5: Sewing the Head

For the head, you will need 2 type of pattern, first ( grey, white, yellow, white, yellow, grey, white ) and second ( grey, white, grey, white )--you can see it on my pattern.

- Make 3 first head part

- Make 1 second head part

- Join all 4 head part together

- Sketch the face details and make the face details using large threads

- Make BB-8 head details (you may consider to look at BB-8 picture)

- Stuff the head

- Close the head by threads web (pull the threads a little strong). This will help you when you sew the head to the body.

Step 6: Join Head and Body

- Join the head with the body (you can put the head as you like since BB-8 body is rolling)

- Make some body details if you want to (you may consider to look at BB-8 picture)

Step 7: Make the Antenna

- Cut some felt, flip it ( like made a roll tart ), and sew it

- Cut another felt with a longer size, coloring a little top part of it by using board marker

There you go, your BB-8 is ready to roll :)

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