Star and Feather Wall Decor

Introduction: Star and Feather Wall Decor

Want a fun, upbeat wall decoration? This piece of art is calling your name and it only cost 10 dollars! This step by step process should only take you about 30-45 minutes.


Six pieces of paper, a yard of yarn or string, and approximately 8 feathers, scissors, tape, stapler, ruler, and a hole puncher

Step 1: First, You're Going to Want to Cut of 2.5 Inches From All of the Pieces of Paper to Form a Square.

Make sure you cut off the longer side in order to form a square.

Step 2: Fold the Squares Into Triangles.

For each square piece of paper, fold them into triangles.

Step 3: Fold Into Another Triangle.

Next, you want to fold the triangle into another triangle.

Step 4: Draw 4 Lines.

Draw 4 lines horizontally from the closed edge of the triangle.

Step 5: Cut Along the Lines.

Cut along the lines and then open up the triangles to make sure there are no more folds.

Step 6: Tape the Center Sections Together.

Step 7: Flip and Tape.

Flip to the other side and tape the next two pieces together.

Step 8: Continue.

Continue this process by flipping the paper each time you tape a new section. Finish the 5 other pieces of paper using these same steps.

Step 9: Tape 3 Together.

Tape 3 pieces together at the corners. Do the same with the three that are leftover.

Step 10: Tape the Neighboring Pieces.

Tape the neighboring pieces together in order to make it stable.

Step 11: Hole Punch.

Hole punch one hole in four of the corners. Make sure that the four corners are in a row.

Step 12: Cut String.

Cut 4 strings that are 12 inches long.

Step 13: Add Feathers to String.

Add a little feather, then a big feather, and then another little feather to the end of each string.

Step 14: Tie Knot.

Tie a knot securing the feathers at the end of the string.

Step 15: Finish

Use the hole punch to tie the opposite end of the string to the star, making sure the feathers will dangle towards the floor.

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