Introduction: StarShip Colonize Mars Tynkercad

This instructable it is about how to make the starship that will go to mars.

Step 1: Motors

Firs get a gray tube and make it 123.00 height and 77.00 width.

Step 2: Wings

Get one cradle and make it thin, big and gray then copy it and group it on to the tube then get two cradles and make the little after put them on top and group it all.

Step 3: ​conbustible

Now go near and put 13 tubes o the bottom.

Step 4: Ready Motors and Wings

Now go further and make the tow cradles biger on to the floor. Now we have done the motors and the wings. pass to the next page and you wil see how to do the cabin.

Step 5: Cabin

First get a tube and make it 195.00 height and 77.00 width put it on top. After get a cone and make it 84.00 height and 77.00 of width now put it on top aswell. The two things need to be white and finish like the foto.

Step 6: Windows and Lasts Things

Now get a cone and make it 20.64 of width and 103.00 of height. After put it on the rocket tip and pull it down until you just see the side tips of the cone after when you have don that make it black.

Now we just need to do the windows.

First we will do the windows of the pasagers, first get a cube that it is 21.00 of height and 23.17 of width and do copy and paste 6 times. Then put them on the white cone 3 up and 3 down.

now the astronauts windows. for the astronauts windows you need to get a pyramid and make it 37.21 of with and 48.58 height now just put it in the white cone.

Color of the pasegers windos: black or brown.

Color of the astronauts windows: dark gray.

Finished you have the starship that its going to go to mars with persons.

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