Starry Light

Introduction: Starry Light

I intend to create two pieces of small square canvas inspired by Vincent van Gogh's famous painting Starry Night. When the moon is pressed, the light on the stars would turn up, giving a sense of lighting up the sky.

Step 1: Sketch

In order to incorporate a circuit into the painting, I drew a sketch on two pieces of paper with markers of positive and negative signs. It is easier to test the circuit and check the connections.

Step 2: Connecting on Paper

According to the diagram drawn on the papers, I used copper tape to connect the LED lights and 3V battery to make the circuit. Everything was working fine.

Step 3: Checking Connection With Two Parts

I intend to make the right part working by itself when its not connected to the left part. I put these two pieces of paper apart and made sure that everything was working well.

Step 4: Sketch on the Canvas

Next, I transfered the sketch onto the canvas and started sewing.

Step 5: Start Sewing

I firstly started sewing the conductive thread and LED lights onto the canvas and checked for connection, making sure there was no overlapping part that would cost short circuit.

Step 6: Almost Done...

I finished the central part by hand sewing using colorful yarn. I used snaps as they are also conductive to connect two parts together and tested it out again. I found that the patterns were not obvious and the lights were a little too bright.

Step 7: Finally!!!

In order to make the patterns more obvious, I painted all over the canvas and covered the LED lights with yellow paint, to make it more blurry. And I really enjoy the making process. Finally!!!

Step 8: A Closer Look!

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Alex in NZ
Alex in NZ

3 years ago

A beautiful reinterpretation of an amazing picture. I love it when a 'painting' is more than a flat, static image.
Thank you very much for sharing this :-)