Introduction: Starting Seeds in Egg Cartons

Start seeds in bio-degradable egg cartons!

This method of starting seeds will save you money and improve your chances for success of your garden.

Step 1: Choose Your Egg Carton and Soak Your Seeds

Choose a biodegradable egg carton that is typically made with recycled newspaper. The material will be able to withstand being filled with soil, but will be easily dismantled when going to plant the seedlings. This Organic Vegetable Heirloom Seeds Kit - - is a great bargain and has an excellent variety for most gardens. View my full post at

Step 2: Poke Holes in Egg Carton

Poke small holes in the bottom of your egg carton to allow for excess water to drain out. I used a small penny nail.

Step 3: Fill Egg Carton With Soil & Seeds

Fill the Egg Carton with Soil about 3/4 of the way full, place soaked seeds on top of the soil and then cover. Soak the soil and saturate the soil and the container. Place the container in a location that is at or above room temperature.

Step 4: Prepare Egg Carton Seedlings

With a moist egg carton, perforate the egg carton cell walls with a knife. Gently tear the egg carton cell away from the egg carton. Gently tear away or break up the egg carton cell. You can even leave it alone and the roots will break their way through the egg carton. I just tear off what I can easily peel off and that works fine. The egg carton is biodegradable so I used the peeled egg carton as mulch.

Step 5: Plant Your Egg Carton Seedlings

Plant your egg carton seedlings and water them thoroughly. I would plant them slightly lower in the soil then average and use plenty of mulch to ensure the root ball stays nice and moist! Good luck with your garden.

Instructional Video: