Introduction: Starting a Minecraft Survival World (Java Edition)

Hello there! Minecraft is a great game where if you put your mind to it, you can do it! It is a game with infinite opportunities and challenges. But, when you are in survival mode, it can be really hard!

Whether you are starting the game or at the final boss, you always have the risk of dying! So, in this Instructable, I will show you :

  1. How to get started
  2. How to survive your first night
  3. How to upgrade your tools
  4. And how to get to the Nether

I hope my tips help you survive and start a successful Minecraft world! Ok, lets start surviving together!


All you basically need is the Java edition of Minecraft, because that is what this is based on. But, other versions of Minecraft will work, but maybe won't find these tips as helpful. Also, I recommend a mouse, because it makes Minecraft much easier.

Step 1: Making the World!

The first thing you want to do is click Singleplayer,

Then, you want to click Create New World,

Finally, you want to press Create New World once more

Congratulations, you are in your new world!

Step 2: Learning the Game, Gathering Wood and Getting Tools!

Now, the first thing you want to is learn the game! To move, you press :

W - Forward

A - Left

S - Backwards

D - Rights

To jump - Space

To crouch - Lft. Shift

To Sprint - Lft. Control / Press "w" twice

To Destroy/Hit - Left Click

To Place - Right Click

Pause - Esc.

E - Inventory

Now that you know how to play, you want to start by destroying a tree (as seen in picture above). Gather at least 5 logs! Turn them into planks by dragging the logs to your 2x2 crafting bench (in your inventory) and by clicking the picture of the plank multiple times! Now, you want to make a crafting table and sticks. Cover your 2x2 with 1 oak plank in each square to make a crafting table. Do this by clicking your right mouse button in each sqaure. Also, make sticks with 2 planks next to each other, vertically.

Now, you want to place your crafting table down and make an axe and pickaxe. To use the crafting bench, right click it. The recipes are above in the pictures! When you have an axe, you want to cut down a couple of more trees, and then dig down and start to get stone. After you get at least 6 stone, go back up to your crafting table and craft a stone axe and pickaxe, which is the exact same thing except with cobblestone instead of planks. Also, convert your extra logs into planks.

Step 3: Getting Iron and Better Tools, and Armor!

After you get your stone pickaxe and axe, you want to venture of until you find a cave (picture above). You want to enter it and hope you find iron ore. Mine this with your stone pickaxe and then craft a furnace (pictures also above). You want to open up your furnace, right click, and put your iron on the top, and extra wood planks on the bottom. When it is done smelting, take 3 iron (if you have it, if you don't go look for it), and make an iron pickaxe. Same recipe, but with iron instead of planks or cobble. Also, if you see coal, the black ore (picture included), mine it with your pickaxe! It is a much better fuel source than planks. You also want to start crafting iron armor! The recipes are above and it will help you take less damage. Once you have armor (you don't need it if you don't have enough) and a sword (picture above) you will want to exit the cave and look for sheep, and kill it for wool and food! Cook the food and when you have 3 wool, you want to make a bed (picture above).

Step 4: Surviving the Night!

When it gets dark, you can do 2 things!

1. You can sleep! Place your bed down, and right click it until it lets you sleep and it is morning time (picture above)! And there you go, problem solved.

2. Or, if you don't have a bed, you can wait the night out. Build a similar structure like mine, craft torches, and wait inside you box until night is gone, and make sure to put torches in it so it is nice and bright (you can destroy one piece of wood every now and then to check if it is day, usually it takes 10 minutes).

Now you know how to survive the night! Now I suggest to do this until you have full iron armor, and iron sword, and a iron pickaxe. This will help you a lot if you are fighting mobs or just trying to kill something.

Step 5: Getting to the Nether!

Now that you have good gear, press fn and f3 at the same time. I screen like this (picture above) should come up. You want to look down until you find X, Y, and Z. Those are you coordinates, or where you are. You want to find the second number, and dig down until that is 13. When it is, you want to start digging in one direction! This is called strip mining, and you want to try and find 3 diamonds, and make a diamond pickaxe. Make sure to have torches with you, because it will get dark, and also make sure to mine the diamonds with an iron pickaxe, because it won't work without one. Make sure to have a bucket of water with you! The recipe is above and to get water inside of it, you have to right click a water source block. To get it out of the bucket, also right click. Now, you want to go back up to the surface and try to find a lava pool. You want to pour water on top of it (Picture above) and with your diamond pickaxe, mine 10 obsidian, the black block. Just saying, this might take a long time, and be careful while mining it. Now, you want to build it like I did, and then you want to make flint and steel (recipe in pictures) and right click one of the bottom pieces. Then, you have a nether portal! Enter it, and be really careful in there, because there is lava, and you can't have water to put you out! And that is how you can successfully start a Minecraft world!