Station Wagon Bed Protector

Introduction: Station Wagon Bed Protector

I use my station wagon for many different kinds of jobs. I often put many tools and building materials in the back. I have lined the floor with interlocking floor mats.

Last week, half a gallon of white paint spilled and I hadn't noticed the spill for two days. When I did, the paint had hardened and I thought that I had a real mess on the floor of the station wagon. When I lifted the floor mats, almost no paint had leaked through the interlocking seam and no paint got onto the floor!

This instructable describes how to make this type of floor cover that seconds as a great sleep platform.

Step 1: A Floor Mat Cover

I used 6 @ 2' by 2' by 1/2" closed cell floor mats. These closed cell foam interlocking 2' by 2' floor mat make useful covers that protect the floor of a station wagon. These mats need to be cut and interlocked to fit the floor of the vehicle.

Step 2: Measuring the Mat to Fit

One mat is laid out along one side of the vehicle floor. A line is scribed on the mat parallel to the side of the vehicle. Set the offset scribe tool so that the middle of the mat fall along the middle of the vehicle floor.

Step 3: Cutting and Fitting the Mat

Cut along the scribed line. The mat can be cut with scissors. Then fit the mat along the vehicle floor to make fine adjustments to the edge of the vehicle. Flip the mat to see if it will fit along the other side.

Step 4: Extending the Cover to Make a Sleeping Mat

By arranging the interlocking section at the place the seats fold up, I was able to attach another row of mats to give me a covered area just under six feet (lots for a person well under 6 feet) . Long enough to set up a sleeping pad and sleeping bag for long trips while protecting the floor.

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