Introduction: Statue of Liberty

Step 1: Set Up Base

Step 2: Put in Cross Bars

Step 3: Set Up Top Section

Step 4: Attach Bottom and Top Section

Step 5: Build Crown and Neck Section

Step 6: Attach Crown to Spine Structure

Step 7: Close Up of Top Section

Step 8: Ensure All Cross Bars Taught

Step 9: Create Face

Step 10: Attach Face to Neck Section

Step 11: Create Hair Line

Step 12: Create and Attach Hair at Rear

Step 13: Attach Left Arm and Tablet

Step 14: Create Framework for Robe

Step 15: Start to Create Robe

Step 16: Rear View

Step 17: Robe Completed

Step 18: Robe Right Shoulder

Step 19: Attach Right Arm and Tourch

Step 20: Build From Distance

Step 21: Build Top Close Up

Step 22: Section Build

Step 23: Statue of Liberty Completed

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