Introduction: Steak and Potatoes Made Deliciously

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This meal is very easy to make yet so unbelievably delicious and healthy. My true secret is how to make the potatoes, I'm going to let you in on the secret! Check out the picture above!

1. I chopped up the steak and then glazed it with honey and Teriyaki.
2. Added oregano, garlic, salt and pepper (the herbs will stick to the honey!)
3. Cooked on a medium heat in a pan with diced onions for 7 minutes.

1. Peel and slice the potatoes into bite sized pieces. Its better if they are cut into random chunks, rather than uniformly chopped.
2. Boil in a pan of water until they have softened, but not so that they fall apart (approximately 10 minutes on a medium heat).
3. Put the boiled potatoes into a sieve and flip them around until they become "fluffy" (IMPORTANT)
4. Place in a shallow baking tray and brush them thoroughly on all sides with olive oil.
5. Season them with salt, pepper, oregano and rosemary.
6. Roast in the over for approximately 45 mins at 350 degree Fahrenheit. Turn the heat up to 425 for the last 5-10 minutes to get a really crispy finish

1. Made by my girlfriend. I would recommend a light/simple salad with lettuce, baby cherries, cucumber and some dressing.