Introduction: Steam Punk Style Clock With a Night Light

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I made this clock out of an old industrial pressure guage. I added the copper and brass fittings so that it could stand up on a mantle or a desk. The part with the light is a needle holder housing that came from an antique gramophone.

Step 1: Parts Used

The pressure guage came from a former place of employment after it had replaced for various reasons. Rather then throwing them out I saved it.

Battery operated clock mechanism from a craft store.

Chrome plated brass valve.

Some short pieces of 3/8" copper tubing and a brass fitting.

A needle holder housing with an attached brass tube from an antique gramophone, I found this at at a flea market.

The light came from a dollar store.

Step 2: Construction of the Clock, Modifying the Case

I bent the tubing using my bench vise, this is a slow process so that the tubing doesn't get kinked, it takes a while to do this because you bend a bit move the pipe bend a bit more and continue until the desired angle is completed.

The valve is then attached to the tubing and the brass fitting is attached to the other piece of tubing.

Pictured is the diaphragm and needle holder that I removed from the gramophone needle holder housing.

On the pressure guage I had sawed off the pipe fitting from the back of the guage, I also sawed off the bourdon tube from the inside of the guage after removing it from inside the guage. Some filing was also needed so the the clock mechanism would fit. Before I cut off the bourdon tube I removed the pressure guage needle.

I then drilled a hole on each side of the guage housing with a step drill these were sized to fit the tubing.

Step 3: Construction of the Clock, Assembly

The clock is attached to the guage dial. The hands of the clock were then fastened to the clock stem using the included stem nut.

The tubing is then attached to the guage case, one piece fit in the left hole it was fastened in place with some glue. The other tube with the brass fitting was screwed into the other hole.

The two tubing pieces were then adjusted so that the clock would stand up level.

A rubber crutch tip was the attached to the top of the clock to hold the the gramophone needle holder.

A battery was put in he clock and the time was adjusted.

The dial guage/clock face was then put back in the guage case and fastened with the original screws.

The guage glass cover was then put on.

The dollar store flash light was put in the gramophone needle holder after I had taken out the diaphragm and needle holder. the flash light was held in place with a piece of Velcro. The holder was then put back together and then stuck into the rubber crutch tip and adjusted to shine on the "clock" face.

Step 4: Presenting the Steam Punk Pressure Guage Clock With Night Light

To turn on the light I have to poke a small screw driver gently through the needle holder housing grill. This is how it turned out, I'm quite pleased with it.

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