Introduction: Steampunk Custom Carved Leather Notebook

About: Just a small town girl who's imagination was sparked by steampunk and wanted to get in on the fun and chose leather working as a way to do that. I do custom work and am always excited to see what people wan…

Hand Carved Steampunk Refillable Leather Notebook Cover fits a 7.5" x 9" notebook.

You will need to cut a piece 16" long x 10.5" high for the body of the journal. The fastener is 3" long x 2" wide and the triangle pieces are 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.75".

The inside cover has triangle corners sewn in to make it easy to add and remove the notebooks. The rivets fastening the back of the strap are extra small and the snaps are 5/16".

The edging done with B197 for the boarder and B203 for the image. The main background tool is the M882 and the background for the gears I used A104. The center lid of the pocket watch I used P217 and the center of the watch hands I used S931 and the center of the gears I used S705. For the finer details and founding off the edges I used a shaping tool.

For the coloring the lighter portions I used Resolene as a blocker and on top I used the Eco-Flo medium antique gel and to finish Eco-Flo Super Shene.

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