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Introduction: Steampunk, Moving Gear Bracelet

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Hi all your Favorite Oddity here, showing off one of my favorite builds and eldest the Gear Bracelet.


It uses a

Continuous rotation servo
adafruit Trinket

a small Battery

Step 1: P.S.A.

Also the Orginal Bracelet came from "nycdesigner" On thingaverse
I just motorized it for fun, and added some small edits to make the gears move a better for the motor

Step 2: Print the Bracelet

The bracelet is very easy to print, I sally print it flat, on the print bed with supports. for sizing, I recommend measuring your wrist and making the bracelet about 2 or 5 inches bigger then your wrist, for other humans like myself who have strange wrist, make it as big as you need to, just note you need to fit in the components, and the left over room can be fixed with foam

Step 3: Clean the Bracelet

Once you print the bracelet it will have a lot of supports on it, and some of the supports will be in the gears making it impossible for them to move. to fix this mess of a problem I recommend grabbing a X-acto knife, and slowly and carefully begin cutting off the supports and slicing the supports off the gears. To help with the process I recommend slowly and carefully, after you cut the supports off and around the gears slowly try rotation them, but BE CAREFUL you don't want them to break.

Step 4: Test

After the gears are good and ready make sure to twist the gear knob to loosen them up a bit. Just keep spinning it until it feels pretty smooth

Step 5: Dremel

So this is where things get interesting. There is a visible whole in the knob gear, using a Dremel, or any fast spinning device, and drill through the knob gear till it comes off. Try to make the whole in the bracelet a bit bigger cause it's where the servo going to go.

Step 6: Circuit

The circuit is pretty simple, Yes I use this circuit often for quick builds

The only thing is that I just took out the LEDs and wired the servo directly to the board. I also added a switch for on and off.

Step 7: Print Enclosure

It's shaped to fit with the bracelet and you should be able to easily glue it to the side.

Step 8: Assembly

Step #7: Assembly

This is pretty much what you should have after following the guide thus far. Shove the controller and wires into the container and glue them.

Step 9: The Finish

Make sure you wire the on/off switch on the outside of the container. And if you want to laser cut some foam and glue it to the inside to help hold the bracelet on your wrist.

Step 10: P.S. Extra

It can also Crawl on the floor, its one of my fav things to bring with me to show off.

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