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Introduction: Steampunk Pirate Earrings

About: I am a volunteer at a Scrapstore =D brill for stuff to make with!! and loving my time there!! =)

Quick, easy and cheap way to make Steampunk Pirate themed earrings! Enjoy :D

Step 1: Choose What Cogs, Beads and Charms

You can get most of these from bead shops......I had to go to two! Don't forget the earring hooks and jump rings!!

You will need:
From Bead shops, eBay, Amazon or other!
- Cogs: I went for 4 on each but you can go for more or less
- Beads: I chose 8 keys, 2 skulls, anchors, stars, swallows and clam shells. Again more or less, but these are a little heavy (not painfully though) - 2 earring hooks.
- 2 different sized jump rings so they fit through to the back. Buy a pack of each as you don't want to run out. You can save the rest for another project!

You will also need small pliers - you can buy special jewellery ones or go to a hard wear store and buy small ones (which I used - see photos) I bought them from Wilkos for a few pounds.

Make sure you work on a flat surface or use a tray! :)

Step 2: Arrange Roughly How You Want Them! (May Not Turn Out the Way You Placed Them)

I placed them like this but it didn't work out but they turned out OK

Step 3: Making the Earrings!

Use the pliers to split the rings and join the cogs, beads/charms and hooks to each other.
Use the pliers to push them together until both ends meet.
Every time you join bits together hold it up so you get the pieces in the places you want. (if you want to move something just open the jump ring, move it and close back you)

Step 4: Now You're Finished :D

I made them different to make them more pirate like. They are a little heavy but not painful!
Hope you enjoy making them :D and please comment, make and post pictures of your earrings :)
Thank you

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    :D thanks

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    8 years ago

    Good job.


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    thanks :D

    Ooo so pretty I love the colors, and the pirate and cogs, and just aaaah so pretty! Thanks for sharing!


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    :D thank you!